I know you’ve got one, that secret idea that you don’t share with anyone. Or perhaps you did once share it with someone when you went for a drink once, and they choked on their gin & tonic as they laughed at it, and at you. You know thats about them right?

Its a funny thing being brave, not everyone can do it. Well, thats not strictly true, not everyone is prepared for the vulnerability that can come with it, and so they don’t ever act. But thats not you anymore is it?

A little while ago I wrote about regret, about how my mum looks back and wishes that she had made other choices. I hold that thought lightly wherever I go, and use it as a source of strength on the days when I have doubts.

Because here’s the thing. Self doubt is normal, it will never up and leave you completely. Its the same with fear, its there to keep you safe. But your subconscious brain is a little behind the times, and tries to use fear as a way to stop you doing anything new at all.

So what is your idea? How can you let it out into the light? How about coming and working with me? I wont laugh at you like your friend did. I think ideas are always full of hidden genius. The women I work with always blow me away with their insights. Ideas that I would never have thought of, but that would create meaningful change for hundreds of others, perhaps thousands or even on a global scale.

You have that idea for a reason, that reason being that YOU are the one thats meant to step up and do it. I really truly know how frightening that is, but if the fear is there regardless, then why not take the chance and act on it.

You want to go for that promotion for a reason, you want to change direction for a reason, because you’d be bloody amazing at whatever it is, and deep down inside you really know it. Like, in your heart know it.

Those women who you look up to, the ones that appear to have a handle on it all. I guarantee you that even they have nights where the self doubt wakes them up with a start. Nobody is beyond that, and equally nobody is beyond going for what they want.

So how about it then? How about turning that idea from something hidden in your mind, into something that is out in the open for the world to see? Don’t let that dream go, be a game changer. Find the people that will cheerlead you, and be your won cheerleader too. Find someone that will keep you on track, that will let you think out loud, and champion you to go for whatever it is you want.

If you are stuck on the how, if you are struggling with where to start, and if you want someone by your side to stand with you as you do it, then get in touch. I’m ready to help you to change your game forever.