I want to talk a bit, well a lot actually, about self – investment and how important it is. Every now and again I get an enquiry from someone about Coaching and then they are gone as if by magic. They will have contacted me to say that they are struggling at work, they are unhappy and they need to make a change.

So we arrange the initial Compatibility session. A few hours before it is due to take place I will receive an email saying something along the lines of “I’m fine actually, was just having a bad day” or “sorry I need to cancel, I will be in touch again soon”.

It may well be the case that they were having a particularly shit day when they contacted me and actually they do feel okay now. But I don’t think thats true for all of the ones that stop before they’ve even had a conversation. I think sometimes its because underneath it all, they don’t believe they are worth their own investment.

I see this a lot with women, putting everyone else above themselves and becoming their last priority. How many of you can relate to rarely buying anything new for yourself, or finding it hard to give yourself permission to indulge on a personal level?

Coaches charge a variety of fees, and those fees are based upon the value we believe that we provide. However, a potential client coming from a place of feeling small, stuck and perhaps lacking in self esteem, may simply see the number and then run for the hills. “That’s too expensive, I can’t afford that”. I say this next thing with love and empathy. Is it that its too expensive or is it that you don’t believe you are worth that much? Just let that wash over you for a minute and be honest about what comes up for you.

This is particularly true for women, and its no surprise with how we were raised, what society and the patriarchy dictates to us. Despite our brilliance its confusing out there.

A few years ago I certainly didn’t believe I was worth the investment. Why would I pay someone to help me improve my life beyond measure? That seemed absurd to me, and I think it comes down to this. You can’t touch Coaching. Its not sat displayed in a window of goodies, you can’t run your hand over it and enjoy the feel of the material. Coaching is something that we experience, and therefore as something that is intangible, it is even harder to see the value in it, and believe that its for us.

Since working with a Coach I have invested thousands in myself and in my development on both a professional and a personal level. Why? Because I am so bloody worth it. So are you. I’m not special, I went through the Coaching process with bags of blocks, and a depleted well of self esteem. Yet here I am building my own business, changing lives and making my mark on the world.

I now pay a lot more for my Coaching than I initially did, because I see it as a vital part of my continued growth. I am always looking for the next investment that I can make, because it only serves to help me become a better human and a better Coach.

I owe that to the wonderful women that come and work with me. I owe it to you. So how about it? Are you ready to invest in yourself?