I’m based in leafy West Sussex, but due to the wonder that is technology, I can coach you anywhere in the English speaking world depending on time zones. So far my most far flung client was in Mexico, so it really does work. I have a 1:1 program for women that want and need to go deep into this, and have a number of courses in development that are launching in 2020.

I do this work because I am fed up of seeing brilliant women being held back by their experience of estrangement, and not understanding how much more is available to them. Estrangement tells us to edit, to dial it down, to fit in…well F that!

I work with women who are ready (as ready as they can be) to face their Estrangement story head on, in order to understand it, to be at peace with it, and to use it as a powerful tool for the future. You’re not doing the stuff you need to be doing in the world or being who you are meant to be because your Estrangement story currently wont allow you to, that shit stops now.

But before you get in touch, take a look at this. The reality of working with me is going to look a lot like this…

If you are thinking of working with me then there are a few things that you need to know…

This takes work & commitment

Yep, thats right, Coaching doesn’t mean just rocking up to a session having a deep and meaningful and then tuning back out until the next session. It takes your active participation, it takes you choosing to implement the things that we discuss, and opening up your mind and your heart on a daily basis. Coaching works absolute wonders, but it takes two to tango.

We’ll be going deep

You’ve read a hundred personal development books, you may have done an e:course here and there, and both of those are great. But stepping into this space is about you and you alone. 1:1 Coaching is about YOU, not a million potential readers or 100 course participants, its you in full colour, with layers and layers of crap lifted off of you. This isn’t surface level stuff.

I’m all in

To be crystal clear from the outset, it is not my role to steer or lead you towards a certain outcome, but it is my role to get you to take a look at the stuff you’ve really been avoiding, and to own your responsibility within that. I give 100% to each of my clients which is why I only work with a small number of people at a time. I expect 100% back from you too.

This isn’t a blame game.

Its down to me to remain neutral, I am not here to take sides, and so whilst I want you to share everything thats troubling you, this isn’t about finger pointing and victim mentality, this is about empowerment, about stepping up and owning where you are and what you want. Keep the other stuff for Friday night with your best mate.

Your Coach

I’m the same person as a Coach as I am in real life, hugely empathic, funny, and encouraging. But I am also straightforward and pretty straight-talking. Swearing is one of life’s joys as far as I am concerned, so if that bothers you, then you may want to work with someone else.

Coaching Programs

1:1 Private Coaching

What I know to be true is that when it comes to Coaching, and when it comes to Estrangement, there is no one size fits all way to work through your stuff. Every single one of my clients is beautifully unique and at their own individual point in their journey *I know, the J word is a bit American Idol*.

So, I start with a baseline of a block of 4 x 1 hour sessions, held weekly or fortnightly. This gives us time to explore, to pause for breath and acknowledgement, for the aha moments, and those all important breakthroughs, it means we don’t rush and leave any stones unturned.

You’ll get my eyes on your life, I’ll help you understand why and where you are being held back by your own experience of Estrangement, and shine a light on those pesky blindspots..the things you want to ignore, but they need to be focused on. While also forming an honest and clear vision of what it is that you want from your life going forward.

During our clarity call we’ll get up to speed on your story in a way that feels safe to you, this isn’t Counselling and is certainly not about digging up trauma. From there you can choose which area you want to work on. Thats why I start with 4, in all probability, you’ll want more than that. But its a great way to begin clearing major blocks in a short space of time.

Possible work areas could be…

  • Where your Estrangement story is hiding, by exploring different life areas and who you are within those areas we will expose your ES and remove its hold over you.
  • Shadow work, Self abandonment is a biggie with estrangement, in order to move forward as YOU, you have to come back to yourself.
  • Values – what do you stand for, whats important to you and why, how can you bring more of that stuff into your life
  • Unhelpful behaviours that you’ve adopted over time, and how to nip them in the bud.
  • Understanding how much of a part your ego is playing in all of this…spoiler alert – its a huge part.
  • Peace and forgiveness…I know, I know, you might be yelling “I DON’T WANT TO FORGIVE”, I didn’t either, I can assure you.
  • Superpowers – what are those beautiful gifts that this has given you, where are they and how can you use them.

Thats not an exhaustive list, there’s potentially more, but never less.

Now, this is a big deal I know. If your ES is playing mind chess with you and winning like mine was, you’ll be thinking…”the idea of investing in myself in this way feels weird/scary/ridiculous’…thats simply your subconscious trying to protect you. It always will when you try and change things up. It loves a pattern, even if that pattern makes you miserable.

You WILL walk away from this process a different version of you, still an Estranged daughter, but one who is in control of it rather than it being in control of you. I get giddy just thinking about the joy of uncovering who you truly are, and all the amazing things you can do.

So lets do this.

Your investment in this 4 session program is £399, and is payable by BACS. Subsequent sessions can be booked in groups of 2 for £200

Over the years I spent £25,000 on throw away fashion, self help books, alcohol, wild weekends, and none of it made any difference. I’ve spent less than an 10th of that on personal Coaching and it has changed everything for me. You are worth this.

I want my clients to think of me as their anchor. A place that you can always come back to when you need it. This is your investment of time, money and energy, and I want it to be as tailored to you as possible.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Lets Do This!