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I’m based in leafy West Sussex, but due to the wonder that is Skype, I can coach you anywhere in the world depending on time zones. Now, there’s no one size fits all coaching package, and so I offer a number of different ways in which you can work with me. Before you commit to anything, let’s talk things through. I offer a free 40-minute Skype call to get a sense of where you’re at, and so you can ask me whatever you need to. During this call, we can discuss which package we both feel will work best for you. The key here is the “fit”. We’ve both got to feel it’s right, otherwise the process won’t be effective. So, this is a time for honesty above all else.

All of the packages that I offer are kick arse and highly effective ways of you getting unstuck and moving forward with the confidence you need. Payments can be made via BACS or Paypal, and payment plans are available for Flourish & Game Changer. Love what you see? Then hit the “Lets Do This” button at the bottom of the page. 

Power Call

Let’s skip to the good bit. A 1 x 90-minute call with me which get you fired up, focused and ready to move forward. This is for you if you’ve got one particular niggle and you need to resolve it quickly. For example, a presentation at work you feel nervous about, or a meeting or interview with a superior that you’ve been losing sleep over. On a more personal level it could be a family event that you feel highly stressed about.  You’ll tell me about what’s going on for you right now, and where you would like to get to, and I’ll help you to formulate a realistic, yet inspiring plan to get there. Its my eyes on that part of your life for an hour. You’ll leave with a couple of mind-set tricks as well. These calls are about you going from talking about something to taking action, and so I will follow up with you shortly after the call via email to check that you are still raring to go. The investment for this call is £165.


How about going from stationary to in flow? This package is comprised on 4 x 1 hour Skype sessions to be held over a 4 week period. Its a great way for you to look at a particular area of your life in a more in depth and lasting way. Change can be daunting, but I believe that you are totally capable of resolving your challenges and moving forward, when you have the right support and environment in which to do it. This is about moving you from point A to point B in a way that energises you, and brings you bucket loads of clarity. We’ll look at your beliefs, and your stories around this particular area, and find out whats true, and what you can reframe and rewrite. My sole purpose within this space is to be the sounding board and “thinking out loud” partner that you need. You’ll leave this process feeling stronger, more self assured, and lighter. The investment for this package is £520


Time to break the surface and discover the bloody brilliant woman hidden underneath. The 3-month package. This comprises of 7 x 1 hour sessions with me via Skype, or face to face depending on location. The sessions are held fortnightly. Plus, you receive phone support throughout. It’s a chance to reflect and work on multiple life areas at a pace that allows plenty of time for growth, action, and progress. This is work that goes deep into who you are as a person, what you want and need from your life and how you want to show up in the world. You’ll learn about setting boundaries in order to protect your own energy and headspace, as well as to see an improvement in your relationships with those that you work with, and in your personal life. I’ll be holding your hand all the way, and giving you a gentle kick up the bum whenever you need it. In this space we are equals, and this is not a place for me to nod along with you, but to challenge you (gently) in order to see you fully, and for you to start to see how powerful you are. This will make a huge impact in every way, and you’ll move forward with bags of confidence and conviction about where you are headed. A maximum of 3 new clients only accepted for this package per month. The investment for this package is £850

Game Changer

The time has come to act. This is the real deal. Firstly, you’ll get an “All about you” day with me, I will come to you wherever you are in the UK and we’ll talk in depth about what’s going on for you, where you’re at versus where you would like to be. The day will be spilt into sections, starting with where you are right now. Followed by a look at whats held you back so far, and finishing with a brainstorming and planning session, that includes creating a realistic budget with you, to enable this period of change to be one that still allows you to have fun and treat yourself along the way. Regular breaks are built into the day. I favour a Spa as a location choice for this day as it provides a relaxing, peaceful environment where you can have a treatment and a delicious and nourishing lunch to keep you feeling energised. But if there is somewhere specific that you would like to go, then please let me know!

This four-month bespoke package is great for those professional women at a career crossroads who are ready to take the leap, but need to really look at how that leap is going to impact on them and their loved ones, and to ensure they have the right tools in place to take those next steps.

After our initial day together, you will have fortnightly Skype calls with me to check in with how you are doing, these calls will involve working through any blocks that you have, helping you to set clear boundaries, processing the feelings that are coming up for you as you are on your journey, and cheerleading as and when you need it. The space you are in will be a safe one where you can be open and honest about all you are feeling without fear of judgement.

You will tune into your intuition, you know, that little whisper you’ve been struggling to hear. We’ll remove a lot of the external noise, and bring yours to the surface. I am your equal in this, and I see you fully. This is the place to share those big dreams and to bring them to life.

Growth is always worth it, but it’s not always easy. In our time together I will provide the space for that growth to take place in a way that is calm, supportive and nurturing for you. At the heart of all the work I do is the woman sat in front of me. Its my aim to champion you, because you are truly amazing.

You also have access to me via phone or email during working hours. If in between sessions, something comes up for you that you feel can’t wait, then I am available to message or call to have a brief talk through and assess what’s going on.

This really is a game changer (hence the name). That picture you have in your head, can absolutely become a reality if you trust the process and embrace it fully. Let’s show that inner critic who the boss is. You deserve the best, and that is always my aim. I only take on a maximum of two clients for this package per month to ensure that I am as available and present as possible for you. Price available on enquiry.

I want my clients to think of me as their anchor. A place that you can always come back to when you need it. This is your investment of time, money and energy, and I want it to be as tailored to you as possible.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Lets Do This!