I’m based in leafy West Sussex, but due to the wonder that is Skype, I can coach you anywhere in the English speaking world depending on time zones. So far my most far flung client was in Mexico, so it really does work. I offer one powerful and transformative program. Simplicity is key after all.  If you’re not sure if the program is right for you, then lets have a conversation. One thing I get asked about by my clients most often is about the cost of coaching, and its something that I want to address right here and now.

Whenever we buy something, its not so much the thing that we are buying that we crave, but the feeling that it gives us. That rush of endorphins flooding through us and lifting our spirits. We all know that feeling, and we all know how great it is when people compliment us on that new thing. But inevitably, that rush of feelings goes away, and if we are at a place in our lives where we know we aren’t happy or fulfilled, we will seek to replicate that temporary feeling again and again.

The thing with coaching is that it gives you a high for life. Its about YOU choosing YOU. Its about investing in yourself, and to come out of your own coaching journey with that “high for life” feeling. By unpicking the knots in your mind, you wont need to seek out those highs because you’ll no longer be hiding from anything, you wont be denying yourself anymore. Trying to do this type of work on your own without support is counterproductive, lengthy and lacks results. Coaching is a courageous thing to do, and one of the kindest and wisest choices you will make for yourself. I hope that this opens your eyes about how much the investment in yourself is really worth. Payments are made via BACS or Paypal. Love what you see? Then hit the “Lets Do This” button at the bottom of the page. 

‘Whats Your Story’ Program

This 6 session program is a deep dive into who you are. With the number 1 question being “which of your relationships need the most work?” Its Coaching that goes to the core of who you are. Its a good long look at your history, and how all those pivotal moments from your younger years are currently presenting themselves as frustrating stumbling blocks.

I know that as you read that you may want to retreat, run away, or put up a wall. But only in facing the things we have been avoiding, can we finally release the old stories and beliefs that are keeping us in a place of lack, of dissatisfaction, and of frustration with our world and our way of being. During this time I want you to think of me as your anchor, the person that will keep you safe, the person that will hear you, and the person that isn’t going anywhere regardless of what you bring to the table. We’ll be looking at your life and relationships  under a microscope, and shine a light on your values, on what you believe your limitations are, and on what your heart truly desires and needs in order to live a complete and abundant life. You’ll find your true voice again, and you’ll have the confidence to speak it.

In order to move forward as you, in order to get the absolute most out of the process, you need to reconnect with, accept and support those parts of you that you’ve tried to hide, and to heal the stories that have been eating away at you. You’ve lived as a reduced version of you for too long, and its costing you more than you realise.

Whats Your Story consists of 6 x 1 hour Skype sessions with me, held weekly or fortnightly, plus email support throughout. I’ll be providing you with homework along the way to keep the self curiosity high throughout our time together.

What you can expect

  • To be able to communicate powerfully and effectively in your relationships
  • Courage in abundance to show up in the world and move through it as this person.
  • Clarity on who you truly are, and whats important to you and your future.
  • Healthier boundaries, for yourself your energy and the other people in your life.
  • Emotional freedom – rid yourself of the toxic relationships in your life, and make peace with the trauma they caused.
  • Courage to take the steps you need be that a leap of faith, or to end something that you know is over.
  • Tools to protect yourself around those you find difficult to interact with.
  • More understanding of another persons view of the world, and better listening skills.
  • A huge amount of cheerleading from me. Anyone who steps into this arena is already acknowledging that they want more, or better for themselves and are willing to go to the places they need to in order to get there.
  • Accountability, if you say you are going to do something then I am your check in point, if its not done then we can explore together safely why its not happening in a space that allows you to be a human being.
  • Space to be completely you, time to breathe, reflect and unpick all of the knots in your head.
  • The knowledge that you truly know and appreciate your own worth, and the ability to treat yourself with love and kindness always.
  • To show up in the world as a version of you that isn’t reduced or edited, but FULL FAT YOU in glorious technicolor.
    Your investment in this program is £695 payable by BACS or PAYPAL

I want my clients to think of me as their anchor. A place that you can always come back to when you need it. This is your investment of time, money and energy, and I want it to be as tailored to you as possible.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Lets Do This!