“What happened to us” you wonder. “We used to be so in love”

You’re staring off into the distance aren’t you? Zoning out of reality because it’s all getting a little too tiresome. ⁣
That row has reared it’s ugly head again, and chips away at you a little bit more.⁣

Now you’re fantasising about a life without them in it, you feel brighter, there’s less tension in your shoulders, for a second you think about how great it could be to be solo, who you could be & where you could go.

But then, as quickly as that thought arrived, it leaves you again, in its place comes fear, doubt, and a little voice that says “leaving would cause too much drama”.⁣

You’ve been dancing with this for a while, should you stay or should you go. While you know the signs point to exit, a part of you is wavering. ⁣
“How would I cope?”⁣
“What about the mortgage/kids – both”⁣
“I’ll be a failure” ⁣
“People will judge me”⁣
“It’s just too risky, it’s safer to stay”⁣
“I don’t know how to be alone”
⁣”Maybe this time it’ll be different”

You’ve got a lot of history together, thee’s been a lot of love there, it would be so hard to start again, what if you were single forever, what if, what if, what if…

It’s a real rollercoaster isn’t it? I’ve been on that particular ride and it’s tough to get off of it for good. I hope that one morning you wake up and your heart & mind have come together to decide not to do this anymore, that the scary idea of leaving & starting over, isn’t as scary as the prospect of staying and fading away into indifference. ⁣

You won’t see this message if you don’t want to. Because you’ve not been there in that pain & frustration for long enough; you’re still convincing yourself it’ll get better.⁣

But perhaps today is the day, the day you needed to see this. The day you decide that you won’t spend one more day of your life unhappy.⁣
If that’s you, and you need help to navigate your exit strategy, then I’m here for you. You don’t have to do this alone.⁣