“I just want to be happy”. How many times have you said this or thought it? Many, many times I’m sure.

Thats understandable, ‘Happy’ is apparently everywhere. We tell ourselves that everyone else is happy, a story only exacerbated by the wonder that is Social Media. Perfect photo’s showing the highlight reel of someones life.

I think happiness is actually a bit of a trick, a never ending quest to frustration. I mean, what is happy? I can guarantee that if everyone on my mailing list answers me that question, every answer will be different.

But it’s so important right?

How many of you heard this when you were growing up?
“I don’t care what job you do as long as you’re happy”?
“I don’t care what he/she does for a living as long as they make you happy”.

It plants a seed in our minds that happiness is something that we need to constantly be striving for, and something that we are owed from another human, and yet nobody can unanimously agree on exactly what happiness is.

This constant striving can actually leave us feeling monumentally shit.

I can tell you one thing for damn sure. Happy is an inside job. It starts with you. If you are looking for a career, a partner, those new shoes, that holiday, to make you happy, then you are setting yourself up for a fall.
Your happiness, whatever that looks like for you as a human (not the version of happiness you see splattered all over the media) is YOUR responsibility. Read that again…

It is nobody elses responsibility to make you happy. Its yours. Except we get told that we aren’t enough for ourselves, we must be aiming for more.
I am all for aiming high, I am all for going for our dreams no matter how big they may feel, but I don’t advocate you look at them as a way to complete you. But as a way to add more to your life, to enrich it.

So what to do hey? Well first of all, start by deciding what happiness looks and feels like to you. What would a truly happy version of you be doing, how would they be dressing, what would they be saying?
How does happiness feel according to your heart?
Define happiness on your own terms first, and then start to look inwards to find ways to pull those feelings out of yourself. Because they are in there I promise you.

They may well be buried, all but forgotten, but they will never leave you, they are simply waiting patiently for you to rediscover them.
Its down to you to decide if you want to or not.