Parent A “It’s bothering me how much I shout at my kid, I’ve got to find a better way to deal with my own feelings & help my kid express theirs”⁣

Parent B “Nah mate, don’t worry about it, we all do it all the time. It’s just how it is”⁣

Ladies. Stay the f*ck away from Parent B please. In fact stay away from (or limit your time with) any person that poo-poo’s your desire to improve.⁣
If they want to live in the “this is just they way I am” box then let them. But please don’t let them stop you.⁣
It doesn’t matter what it is, your commitment to be a better parent than the ones you had, your desire to quit the rat race, your dreams of going from non-runner to marathon Queen, NOBODY gets to tell you that you can’t. ⁣
They’re telling you they can’t because they’ve limited themselves, they’ve decided to play it safe & simply ride the wave to the grave. If you want more, if you want better, then you go get it lady ❤️.⁣
Find the people that are in your corner, get support (yes that may well mean paying for it) & go for it.⁣
I could sit back, play the victim card and let my own experiences as a child play out again.Throw my hands up in the air and proclaim “well what do you expect, look at my childhood”. But F that. My boys & their kids, and every generation after me deserves better, whether I’m here to see it or not. ⁣
So if you’ve got some comfort cowards lingering, then be mindful of how much you’re listening to them, it needs to be negligible. Put your hand on your chest, feel that rhythm…listen to that instead. ❤️