I’ve had 6 sessions with Rachel and will be continuing to have monthly sessions to continue to guide me. They have been totally life-changing.

I feel full of inspiration, ideas and self-belief. Rachel is insightful and patient, the perfect coach with a firm grip on the balance of dreaming and achieving. She has helped me to dream again, to recognise the behaviours that hold me back and how to smash them down.

I didn’t really know what to expect from life coaching but it has given me a structure to self-development and I’ve loved having a focus.

The clarity call reassured me that we were a good fit and helped me to outline what I wanted to discuss. In reality, we covered much more, in greater depth, and I realised that some of what came up in my clarity call was actually surface level of the good sh*t! My heart and head feel clearer and happier.

Each call left me feeling supported, strong and excited. Rachel helped me to unpick behaviours I resort to and understand why I was resorting to them. She suggested activities and exercises to practice to assist my discoveries.

Life coaching has been a truly empowering process.

Thank you you beautiful human xxx
Caroline, Worthing

The gift of space to be open, share my dreams of time & connection and to rattle on about all and sundry whilst keeping accountable to our sessions has been incredible. Not as special as Rachel’s kind, reflective and gentle questions to help dig that little deeper and gain the clarity that I am searching for. If you have hopes and dreams for relationships with yourself and those in your life, then I can highly recommend this very special individual. Rachel shares her humour, sensitivity and wisdom in her own beautiful blend. You wont regret reaching out to her.

Sarah, Horsham

I haven’t felt this excited about my life in years. I came to Rachel when I was at a point of feeling mentally and physically exhausted. I was run down and getting ill a lot. I was really unhappy at work, but had no idea what I wanted to do, and was in an endless cycle of feeling rubbish, thinking through my options, getting scared, believing I was too old to change, feeling defeated and then back to feeling rubbish again. Working with Rachel for 6 months enabled me to peel back all the layers and find out what was really going on for me. I learnt about my core values, about how I wanted to show up in the world. How the stories I had been living by weren’t true, and how they had been holding me back. I’m now moving forward with clarity and courage, and it feels bloody amazing. Rachel was warm, funny, but also straight talking and gave me the space that I needed to figure out my stuff. I loved our sessions, and will really miss working with her. Amazing experience, I just wish I had done it sooner!

Carlie, Bath

In the short time I’ve been working with Rachel I’ve gone from feeling dejected and exhausted to energetic and full of life – both mentally and physically. Her style is understated, supportive and so incisive. She got me to face into important things I was ignoring in my life and coached me through defining what my real priorities are. Not what others were telling me, or even what I superficially thought they were but the things that genuinely mattered to me. Suffice to say, I had a few light bulb moments during this time which have now set me off on a much more positive and healthier path. I cannot thank her enough.

SR, London

I have been a previous client of Rachel’s, I enjoyed our sessions due to the constant empathy I received. Rachel is also down to earth and easy to open up to whilst respecting your autonomy and individual goals/agenda. She helped me to find clarity on my issues, stay focused and offered really useful suggestions on how to manage certain situations. The sessions helped me with confidence going forward to look for employment and to handle a networking meeting due to techniques I was given to try. All in all a good and worthwhile experience with Rachel.

Sabrina, London

I first met with Rachel at the start of 2017, and wanted to make changes to my life but was unsure what it was that I was actually looking for. Rachel has been a huge help and I can honestly say that today, I am where I am due to the coaching received from Rachel. I made the decision to relocate and it was through the coaching that it was made reality as I had the confidence to make a decision and follow it through – plus it’s been the best decision I have ever made. Thanks Rachel!

Samantha, Glasgow

If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!

Nicola, Bristol

Coaching with Rachel changed so much in my life, it enabled me to see that the story I was living by wasn’t true and was only holding me back. Through working with Rachel for a few months I was able to make sense of my past and how it was impacting me in the present. Which has left me free to really embrace the future with a new sense of confidence and clarity. I’m so glad I went through this process with her!

Emma, Bournemouth
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