So many women dream of changing career, it occupies their minds constantly. They daydream for hours about how their life could look, and then, they do nothing. Why? Because they get bogged down in the details.

That was me several years ago, dragging my feet over London Bridge on my way to the office on a daily basis feeling dejected because the nitty gritty was a bit too gritty for my lack of confidence to cope with.

For some, big leaps are the way to go. They decide, and they’re off. For the majority though, it just doesn’t work that way.

They get stuck in a cycle of having the idea, and then suffocating the idea with “what if’s” “buts” and “how’s”.

The HOW is the biggest dream killer out there. HOW stands up and laughs in your face as you try to peer around it to that dream vision. HOW has a lot to bloody well answer for.

So, how can we change this? How do we tackle the HOW?

Well. first of all, we ignore it. Yes, you read that correctly. Ignore the how. For the minute just focus on that dream. When I say focus I literally mean submerge yourself in it, think about who you will be when you get there, think about all the new ways in which you will show up in the world. Try to picture and to really feel what that change will do for you, and for those you love.

Okay, now breathe. Feels delicious doesn’t it?

Next step, take note of and absorb this. Sometimes our journey towards something different is more of a gentle stroll and not an energetic sprint. You don’t have to do it all at once, this is about staying in your lane and not concerning yourself with what other people are doing. This is about layering the steps in at a pace that works for you. When we tell ourselves we must do it all, the HOW appears and automatically tells us that we can’t, so we do nothing.

Thats just a story. The truth is, you can absolutely get to where you want to, if you are kind to yourself and take it gentle stroll by gentle stroll. Yes, there will be others galloping past you, but you don’t know anything about them. You might be someone that sits on a bench every now and again to reflect and catch your breath. To enjoy the progress that you’ve made and the ways in which you have grown as a human being. What a beautiful way to get where you are going.

Thirdly, get a Coach. You know that nothing changes if nothing changes. So if you really want things to shift, if you really want to leave finance and become a florist, or want to go back to the classroom so you can become a vet, then you’ll need to do something different. Find that person that will help you crush those mental roadblocks, that will listen without judgement, that will help you silence that bastard inner critic, and that will help you build a plan that fits, all whilst being your cheerleader and accountability holder.

All of this will mean that the unhelpful HOW will be replaced by a more powerful and confident CAN. You CAN – I just know it.