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My clients are true wonders. Brilliant women that can’t yet quite comprehend how brilliant they are. They are intelligent and caring, ambitious yet empathetic. They are also hiding, hiding away in an office in a career that they know deep down isn’t what they were meant to be doing. In fact, they know that they were never meant to be sat behind a desk. They are here to do more, its just that right now, they aren’t entirely sure what that “more” is.

They are fighters. Women who have faced adversity, who weren’t given all the encouragement they needed when they were little. They are women that never quite felt like they fitted in. They are women who have been sorely underestimated.

Yet despite all of this, they realise that the time has come to act. There are no distraction techniques left to try. They are DONE with the way things are. Fed up of heading home at the end of the day with nothing interesting to say, sick and tired of the monotony, the lack of challenge, and being undervalued. Their inner monologue constantly asking “is this it?”

They’ve been mulling this over for a while, a hundred and one ideas spinning around in their heads and they are exhausted, both by their current situation and their inability to decide how to move forward.

Little cracks are starting to appear, and their unhappiness at work is seeping out into other areas of their lives. They are just so bloody tired of it all. Life isn’t meant to feel this way, and they are ready for it to stop. They long for change, they long to start doing the thing that they are called to do, if only they could get through the mind fog and figure out what exactly that is.

They are ready, so, so ready to invest in themselves and in their futures. They want to show up fully, to get to know who they truly are, and what work is going to bring them the most joy, meaning and allow them to make the impact that they want to.

Are you ready?