Lets talk a bit about growth and permission.

On Friday I attended an event in London run by my own Business Mentor where the theme was Growth. I spent the day in a room with about 80 other women with their own businesses, plus 7 absolutely kick ass speakers.

Growth is a tricky thing, sometimes it can feel like you are flying along, and other times like you are just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.
There is an illusion that growth is linear, but its not. Growth involves many different directions, it also involves rest. Nothing blooms all year round, and neither do you my dear.

But in the rest comes rejuvenation, reflection and renewed focus.

Something else about growth, a lot of the time you have to give yourself permission to do it. That slapped me in the face on Friday, I mean I knew it, but that knowing hadn’t dropped down from my head into my body.

Up until I walked into that room I was still doing the ‘yes I know, BUT”. That ‘but’ means, I’m not ready to accept, I’m not really here for this yet.

So I wrote myself a permission slip, giving myself permission to step up to the next level, to really GO THERE. That destination will start to become clear to you all over the coming weeks.

Permission is a tricky business, quite often you’ll look to others to say “its okay, go for it”. But lets get real for a second. Who’s permission do you really need? YOUR OWN. Thats the hard part, because once you’ve truly given yourself permission, theres nothing to hide behind anymore.

Its a very simple mindset trick, but I find it super powerful.

You can write yourself a permission slip for anything.

Permission to…

say “I love you”
be happy and grateful
feel all of your feelings
earn the money you really want to earn
know, not just believe that want you want is possible for you
cry and zone out for a bit with Netflix
take some time for you
say “yes”
say “no”
say “I deserve better”
be boundaried with your time, love and energy

The list is quite literally endless.

So come on, indulge me, what do you need to give yourself permission to do, say or feel?
There is a condition that I want you to actually do it!

Oh also, as its May, my favourite month of the year, I have an offer for two lucky individuals. My new 6 session Coaching program at an investment of £400, thats a saving of almost £300 The first two people to say “hell yeah” and book a clarity call will get those spaces.

Its officially spring, time for a clear out, time to breathe in the newness and potential of it all, time for you to grow, so lets do it.