Do you ever hear someone speak & think to yourself “oh my, how sad that they believe that” (or something similar). ⁣
You can’t fathom how that can exist in their head & be driving their life. It’s seems absurd right?⁣

You know that the belief they hold isn’t true, it’s something that they are owning, that perhaps serves a purpose for them. But it’s not based in fact.⁣

Now ask yourself how many of those thoughts you have yourself. How many stories are you living by that you have no evidence for? There will be a few I’m sure of it.⁣

How can you reframe those stories? How can you write new ones that does work for you, that are based on evidence or that centre around your true values? ⁣

If you are struggling then ask yourself this very simple question. “What’s the first step/shuffle/nudge forward that I need to take”⁣

If there is resistance there then ask yourself where that’s coming from. What does keeping the old version of a story or belief give you? Why do you believe that? Are you safer there? Is it simply easier to not change? Does it simply feel too big? ⁣

Connecting to yourself means getting curious AF about everything. It takes effort, it takes consistency, it takes facing uncomfortable things, it takes actively choosing it every single day. But the payoff far outweighs the work.⁣

To be living a life based on what YOU choose for yourself is a radical, rebellious and truly powerful act.⁣ Its within your grasp, its there for the taking…if you BELIEVE that it is.

What’s the first belief that comes to mind that you need to start staring down? ⁣How can you reframe it to something thats more in line with who you are?