Some people will never get it. That’s one of the painful truths about growth & change. ⁣

“You’re crazy to leave him”⁣

“But you’re so good at what you do” 

“What do you mean you want more? That’s just greedy”⁣

To them you are rocking a boat that they’ve been sailing plainly on for years. Your growth shines a light on their stagnation.⁣ But thats not your responsibility, not your burden to carry.

Stepping up and into a better version of you isn’t for everyone. Some people will forever be standing on the sidelines with heavy hearts looking on while others decide that they won’t live one more day in mediocre land. ⁣

Don’t be a spectator, take part. If you are finally tired of your own bullsh*t then don’t compromise. Make a choice about who you want to be & then do that. ⁣

Sometimes there’s a part of us that’s holding us back, like the friend who doesn’t understand and looks beseechingly at you for answers, there’s a part of you desperately trying to slam on the brakes. ⁣

“Noooo, stay here. I know you’re not happy or fulfilled but you’re comfortable, and that’s what’s important” – *rolls eyes* ⁣
We all want to feel safe, that’s paramount to who we are as humans, but a lot of the time that safety is an illusion, rather than a sanctuary it’s actually a prison. In that situation acknowledge those feelings, embrace them even, but don’t be owned by them. ⁣

Don’t leave your puzzle incomplete for anyone, not even that part of you that wants to keep you stuck. ⁣
Connect to the truth of who you are, and everything will begin to make sense.⁣ The change that you need and want to make will start to reveal itself to you.