I wanted to talk to you about something that I know to be crucial when it comes to growing as a human being, and that is setting boundaries and not being sorry for them.

First of all, be aware of the stories that you are telling yourself about what people can and can’t handle. Thats not for you to decide, if something needs to said then you must say it. You get to choose how you do it, but don’t choose not to do it.

Secondly, its never too late to set a boundary, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, how much you love and care for them, or how long something has been a certain way. If you feel it needs changing, then go with it. Ask for what your heart truly needs.

The truth is, boundaries are healthy, its not about fencing yourself in, its more about your own emotional freedom, and its about protecting your energy and your space. Its easy for unchallenged behaviours to create resentment, and being afraid to communicate your truth will only add to that.

We all have someone in our life who over steps the mark, who takes advantage or who says things that are hurtful, but they are “only joking” right? They might do that knowingly, or be completely unaware, either way, the action you take is the same.

So take a deep breath, write down what it is you want to say, pick your moment and go for it.
Don’t tell yourself that its too much, that you are being sensitive or dramatic. If its important to you, then you need to find a way to share it, without apology.

The only people that will struggle to hear this are the ones benefitting from how things currently are. Ultimately you get what you tolerate. So what matters to you more – really, their comfort or your own wellbeing?

Which boundaries of yours need revisiting, and where do you need to put new ones in place.

Lots of love Rachel xx

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