Toxic Relationships

  Toxic relationships are something that I have wanted to talk about for so long now, and I’ve been trying to pick apart why I haven’t. I guess it comes down to the fact that once it’s out there, then it’s out there. I can’t unsay it. Which is quite a vulnerable thing. But the other day I saw a post on Instagram that really stopped me in my tracks, in fact that this post hit me so hard, it was a sure sign that it was time, which feels powerful and liberating. This is the post that I saw “sick of the excuse “they’re still your Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother/Friend…etc”. No, toxic is toxic. You have the right to cut off anyone that’s unhealthy for you. Period. Now, some of you will really struggle to understand what I am saying here, to [...]

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Are you a negative Nancy? Sorry to anyone called Nancy…

Here's an example of a negative mindset. "The problem with Fern's is that they are hard to grow and very expensive" said my mother in law to her daughter. "Its a lot of effort and it could be for nothing". This was part of a conversation relayed to me the other day when my MIL told me that her daughter was redesigning her garden and wanted a corner to grown ferns in. Now I don't know much about gardening, but I then proceeded to tell her that I wanted to grow tomatoes in hanging baskets this year. "Ah yes, but the problem with that is...". I zoned out at this point as I knew what was coming. Last year we told her that it was in our 5 year plan to move to North Devon. "Ah, but the problem with [...]

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A Life of Morals

Last week I went to see Stacey Dooley with a friend of mine. It was fascinating listening to her talk so passionately about her work, and about some of the more harrowing things that she has witnessed and reported on. There were a number of clips shown, and one of them in particular really hit me. It was of a woman being arrested in the Philippines, and her young children begging the Police not to take their mother away. What the children didn't know was that their mother was being arrested because she was planning on allowing Western men to have sex with her children for money. Now, as a human being I find that appalling, and as a mother that simply makes me feel sick. Stacey was visibly upset during this clip, but when the clip ended and she [...]

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The School Christmas Assembly

I was bullied a lot at school. I had red hair, glasses and crooked teeth (I still am the proud owner of 2 out of those 3). I was a target. My self-esteem was pretty low. I didn’t like to draw attention to myself in any way. So I stayed pretty quiet. However, I loved languages, particularly English, and so when I was 15 I put myself forward to speak at the school Christmas assembly. After speaking with my teacher, I decided to go for it. It was held offsite in a huge church. There were “out of school visitors”. Basically, it was a big deal. Yet, I felt relaxed about it, I was looking forward to it. I had practiced my speech many times, and was raring to go. But then, through no fault of my own, I tripped [...]

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Its that time of year

Autumn is finally in full swing, that visually stunning time of year when we see the beauty in letting go, and not holding onto things that no longer serve us. I love how when we take the time to really notice, we can see that nature shows us the way. Everything is in seasons, sometimes we are in a season of growth, of flourishing, full of energy and vibrancy. Sometimes we are quieter, more thoughtful and contemplative. We can’t be forging ahead constantly, we need to rest too, to check in with ourselves and reconnect. Every year around late November / early December I do a really in depth exercise on reflection and focus. Reflection on the year that’s gone, and focus on the year that’s ahead of me. I am going to be sharing this with you guys in [...]

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Networking…I’m not a fan

I really don’t like networking, it feels so fake to me. So disingenuous and contrived. It is not my happy place at all, I did a lot of it earlier in the year and never felt comfortable. As soon as someone approached me I could feel that invisible wall go up, and I would shut off. It became painfully clear to me in a short time that it just wasn’t for me, and so I let it go. That was until last week. I’d been told about this amazing event by a lady I met at a show, and so when tickets appeared on Instagram I snapped mine up. This event really was my happy place. A room full of about 100 women, all who were at different stages in their businesses, in different industries, of varied ages, but had [...]

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You Are Worth Your Own Investment

I want to talk a bit, well a lot actually, about self - investment and how important it is. Every now and again I get an enquiry from someone about Coaching and then they are gone as if by magic. They will have contacted me to say that they are struggling at work, they are unhappy and they need to make a change. So we arrange the initial Compatibility session. A few hours before it is due to take place I will receive an email saying something along the lines of "I'm fine actually, was just having a bad day" or "sorry I need to cancel, I will be in touch again soon". It may well be the case that they were having a particularly shit day when they contacted me and actually they do feel okay now. But I [...]

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Your Secret Idea

I know you've got one, that secret idea that you don't share with anyone. Or perhaps you did once share it with someone when you went for a drink once, and they choked on their gin & tonic as they laughed at it, and at you. You know thats about them right? Its a funny thing being brave, not everyone can do it. Well, thats not strictly true, not everyone is prepared for the vulnerability that can come with it, and so they don't ever act. But thats not you anymore is it? A little while ago I wrote about regret, about how my mum looks back and wishes that she had made other choices. I hold that thought lightly wherever I go, and use it as a source of strength on the days when I have doubts. Because here's [...]

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What Will You Regret?

Last week I was talking to my Mum about any regret's that she had about her life. It was her birthday and I had gone to see her with my son. We were at the park and she was running around with him chasing a ball. She made a comment about not believing how old she was (she's 69) and how quickly the time has gone. Now, I can totally relate to that way of thinking. For instance, I can't believe its September at the end of next week, can you? We got on to talking about regret, about the 'almost did it's', and the 'it could have been so different's'. Turns out my Mums biggest regret centre around her career choices. Back when she left school she had four options. Become a nurse, a teacher, a secretary, or get [...]

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Strolling Towards Your Career Change

So many women dream of changing career, it occupies their minds constantly. They daydream for hours about how their life could look, and then, they do nothing. Why? Because they get bogged down in the details. That was me several years ago, dragging my feet over London Bridge on my way to the office on a daily basis feeling dejected because the nitty gritty was a bit too gritty for my lack of confidence to cope with. For some, big leaps are the way to go. They decide, and they're off. For the majority though, it just doesn't work that way. They get stuck in a cycle of having the idea, and then suffocating the idea with "what if's" "buts" and "how's". The HOW is the biggest dream killer out there. HOW stands up and laughs in your face as [...]

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