Are you okay? I mean are you really okay?

Just this afternoon a very good friend messaged me with a family crisis. It sounded like she was in so much pain, so confused, so unsure and had turned to me to support her.

In her own words, she couldn’t handle it, and couldn’t hide it.

I replied that I was sorry that she was hurting so badly, and asked what she needed from me exactly.

Her next message 5 minutes later, sounded like it was a completely different person speaking. Apparently everything was now fine, she was fine.

I know she isn’t okay, I also know that merely admitting something was going on was gutsy for her to do. Right now thats all her brain will allow her to share.
So instead, she’s doing the brave face thing…thats no good thing by the way.

I’ll keep checking in on her of course, but it got me thinking about all of you.

How many times in the last week have you said “I’m okay” when your’e really not, or “thats okay” when actually it isn’t?

How long has a particular “its okay” been part of your makeup? Weeks, months, years, decades?

Why is it when faced with your own truth do you shy away from it? Shame, guilt, knowing you’ll have to get uncomfortable, the old safety story that you’re making something out of nothing?
Only you know, well your heart and your intuition knows but perhaps now its easier to ignore it.
To tell yourself that the way your other half speaks to you is acceptable, or that you’re being over sensitive and your friend was just being funny.
Maybe you are still telling yourself that your life looks exactly how you want it to look, when actually if you stopped (which you never do) you’d have to swallow down the fact that it really doesn’t and you have no idea how to change it.

Whatever it is, I have something that I want to say.

Please please please stop lying to yourself. Stop swallowing the pain. Those feelings that sit underneath the okay, that make you feel anything but, they will keep coming at you until you face them. There is no escaping that.
You hold the padlock, but you also hold the key and can let yourself out anytime you wish.

But if you’ve been living an “okay” life for as long as you can remember, then letting yourself is likely to feel even more suffocating and challenging than staying put.
Right here, right now I am telling you that you deserve a life that is a lot more than okay, you deserve a life that is beautiful, rich with the things and people that you love. A life where you can say the things you really want to and not only the things that you are telling yourself people want to here.

Don’t you know how powerful your voice could be if you used it to say and do all the things that are in your heart?
Don’t you know that you can do absolutely anything you want to?
Don’t you know the impact you could make on other humans if you really started showing up?

I don’t want you to be okay, I want you to be magnificent, extraordinary, empowered and fulfilled.

Okay is fine when you are describing a Wednesday night spag bol, is it really how you want to describe your life?

With love Rachel xx

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