Feels like this sometimes doesn’t it? Where you want to leave your one star rating , wash your hands of it all and go and hide somewhere.
Thing is, nobody is ever going to take over, nobody is coming to save you. Sounds like a bi-line for a movie right? 😂
It’s easy to get stuck in that place of stubbornness, of inaction & of not taking responsibility. Because even though we are getting lines on our faces & more candles on our birthday cakes, nobody teaches us how to be adults. We pick it up from people around us, that’s not always great. We pick cold bugs up from other people too and nobody wants those. 🦠
Last night I caught an old episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. He was at a Bistro in Florida, where the chef was driving away customers & ruining his own livelihood because he refused to take responsibility for where things were going wrong. At one point when some of the issues at the restaurant were pointed out he said “oh that’s it, it’s all my fault isn’t it?”…expecting someone to say “no of course not” and pile pity onto him. He didn’t like it when that didn’t happen. A classic victim trait…one that I used to use myself. Funnily enough when he finally started to take responsibility for what was going wrong, things drastically improved.
He started to adult. To understand that if he wanted things to be different it was on him to make the changes & own his shit.
His attitude changed, his behaviours were healthy, and he started to communicate more honestly. It’s not rocket science, but it is work. Question is, will you do it?