The long version of my story requires you to block out a significant chunk of time in your diary and get verrrrry comfortable as it takes a while. But we are all busy people, and ultimately right now, you don’t need to know every tiny detail, but feel free to ask me, as I am more than happy to fill in the blanks.

I fell into Finance when I left College in 1998, I wanted to get the hell away from my then stepdad, and an income was the only way that was going to happen. I had dreamed of working with horses, but I compromised (the first of many) and instead ended up as a Finance junior. From 1998 to 2012 I moved around every couple of years, climbing various rungs along the way, increasing my earnings, but always, always feeling dissatisfied.

In 2012 I landed in London, in the office of a Private Equity Firm. Picture the sweetest deal ever in terms of salary, benefits, dinners out, weekends away, bonuses, and you’re pretty much there. Guess what, I was still miserable.

So in 2016, after suffering a miscarriage and without knowing anything about Life Coaching, I signed up with a Coach. Some of my best decisions have definitely been ones with the least thought attached to them. We spent 4 months together, and it was the beginning of the end of my life in Finance.

In Coaching I had found a space to think, you know really think about what I wanted, safely, quietly and without any judgement or persuasion. Gone were the “you’re really great at” and “you know what you should do” I was getting from my friends, and in their place was someone genuinely curious to know about ME and what I truly wanted, and they championed & challenged me all the way. I could finally see where my thoughts and beliefs had been holding me back, where I had blocked myself, and also uncovered mountains of possibility and potential. It felt like at the age of 37 I was finally awake & aware of the fact that I was here to do more than sit at a desk working for someone else for the rest of my working life.

I retrained as an Accredited Coach while pregnant, then went on MAT leave, and never went back to the City. I started my own Coaching business in Jan 2018 when my son was 10 months old.

Now almost 3 years in, I Coach brilliant women who want to ditch the desk all the way from that spark of an idea, to putting the wheels in motion and leaving that old, tired career behind. Plus I get to do it on my own terms, work the hours I want which means freedom, fun and flexibility. It means I get far more time with my boys and my husband than I ever would have if I had stayed in the city. I also get more time for me, to indulge my other passions, to go for a walk in the woods whenever I want, to stop and read or have a glorious afternoon nap.

Someone once said to me “you’ll never find out more about yourself than when you become your own boss”. They were right, for all the personal development work I had already done, leaving the well-worn and well-known path was scary, and nothing prepared me for those first few months as a business owner. I really made life difficult for myself in those early days. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do. I’m a cheerleader and accountability buddy as you go from figuring out what you want your creative business to look and feel like, to the point of getting it up and running.

Want to know more about what I do and how I can support you? Then click on the calendar below and book your free 30 minute call. I can’t wait to hear from you.