Hey there brilliant human! I’m Rachel and I’m a Relationship Empowerment Coach. Which means I work with gloriously imperfect people on a 1:1 basis to help them transform their romantic relationships, so that they can move forward with their love lives powerfully and with peace of mind.

To help you figure out if the work I do is for you, have a look at the type of clients I typically work with. If you see yourself here, then I would love to hear from you.


You love each other, there’s good stuff there, that much you are sure of. However right now, you don’t like each other very much. To the outside world you are the dream team, there’s no way that you could possibly gave any issues right? Which in itself causes you to feel more alone as there is nobody you can open up to. You are both frustrated and don’t know how you got to this place, and so you are taking it out on each other with sniping, bickering, winding up and impatience. Neither of you wants this to be your reality but right now, you are stuck and the person that you would usually talk things through with is the one person that you just cant do that with. Life’s pressures are taking their toll, kids, money, lack of time, too much in the diary…you know the drill.

You’re a pile of unsaid words, unexpressed feelings and unheard truths, and the cracks are starting to show. It feels like there is no way out of this mess even though you are desperately looking for the exit sign. You both know that you are good together, but the every day stuff has made you lose sight of that, you are desperate to reconnect but that also feels really vulnerable and awkward. If only there was someone that could help you both with this stuff. Someone to help you sift through the crap to get to the heart of the issue and safely get the two of you back on track as a united front instead of being divided and conquered by everything else.

Coupled but confused 

You’ve got one foot out of the door; but the other isn’t ready to budge. Consumed by one thought on constant replay “should I stay or go?” Its been on your mind for a while now, but nobody but you knows that. You hear your friends moaning about their partners, and temporarily feel buoyed up by mutual dissatisfaction, but you know that your challenges run deeper than that. Over time your relationship has lost its spark, you feel indifferent which is just THE WORST. The affection & connection has gone, and confusion & resentment stand in their place. Part of you wants to revive and part of you wants to run. Every day, sometimes minute by minute you make and unmake a decision. Sometimes there are glimmers of hope and reconciliation, and sometimes you simply don’t recognise the person you are sharing your life with. Sometimes you yearn for the comfort and familiarity, and at other times it feels like you are in a cage.

Its consuming all of you, your time, energy, happiness, focus. Its a ball of chaos that you are buckling under the weight of. You feel guilty, you had so many plans, and they are a decent human being that doesn’t deserve this. Those thoughts only lead you down a path of greater self-loathing & confusion. You berate yourself for not being more grateful for what you have. If only you could find headspace and sanctuary to really figure out whats best for YOU. You want to find yourself again in all of this, to re-connect with who you are and what you truly want. Then you would know what to do, then you would feel confident and aligned in your next steps.

Single and Searching 

You are thriving in every other way. Work is great, you’ve got a great group of friends, and you are dedicated to living a life where you look after your physical and mental wellbeing. You know the importance of investing in your own growth and development. In all but one area of you know you are bossing life. That area is your love life. Somehow its fallen short of the mark. You’ve gone into love before with good intentions and you’ve been let down by the same guy again and again. You’ve begun to recognise that in order to change that you need to do work on yourself. Because the truth is that under the surface you are haunted by ghosts of relationships past, of being treated badly, of believing it was your fault, and for settling for enough rather than going after exceptional. The imbalance is getting to you. You need to clear those blocks so that you can move forward the right way; you need to work on your own stuff so that next time, you don’t settle, and you wont edit yourself or dumb yourself down. All of your friends love hearing your single life stories, as if your current reality is their day dream. Yet you know that you do really want to meet someone, to move away from the single life and into love, but the right move this time. No more false starts, no more settling for less.

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