Hey there my lovely! I’m Rachel and I’m an Intuitive Coach helping women to love who they were, and who they are in order for them to have the lives that they want. I’m a former self sabotager, shirker of accountability and life avoidance expert. I spent a great deal of my 20’s and 30’s putting problems and challenges in my own way, and hiding behind the sofa so that life didn’t really happen to me. It was simply an existence.

My own personal development journey started in 2014 when my husband challenged me to run a mile. I had previously lived by the story that I couldn’t run, in fact it was a statement that I wore like a badge of honour, I had a lot of similar badges including, but not restricted to… ‘that’ll never be for me’, ‘happiness and success are for other people’, ‘I’m too old to change’. All of these badges fall under the category of “Living in a Limited Universe”.  Anyway, back to the run. I lasted all of 3 minutes before I thought my throat was going to burst into flames. I was supremely unfit, but I stuck with it, and two months later I did my first park run. This was followed 2 months later with a 10k. I set myself a target of an hour, and I did it in 59:06. Three months after that I ran a half marathon.

I was of course super proud of my achievements, but something else was going on too. I was becoming curious about myself. It was at this point I decided to throw my “I cant run” badge in the bin, and set about finding out which of the others I could get rid of too. Turns out, I got rid of all of them.

I now have a whole new set which include…’I am worthy of all that I desire’, ‘I am changing lives every day’, and ‘I will never edit myself again’. I think you’ll agree that those badges sound a lot better…

Okay, thats enough about badges.

After all of the running, I did a Tough Mudder, and then did a 90 workout plan that transformed my body and my relationship with food and exercise. The penny was starting to drop. Consistency, dedication and SELF BELIEF were helping me to change my life. If I could do all of that, then what else could I do?

So, I started searching the internet for answers, and stumbled across a lady called Liz. She was a Life Coach, and I just knew that she would get me. The thing is, I thought I was going to Coaching because I wanted to change my career (which I did, and have done) but, I was looking for something else. I was looking for myself.

All of those physical achievements had shown me that I wasn’t who I thought I was, that I was capable of much much more, and that I had been living by stories and beliefs that were simply not true. The I cant run story was given to me by my Mum, who always said “we aren’t runners in our family”. That tiny seed was sown when I was little, and it was just one that I lived my life by without question. In my first session with Liz we swung from Career to personal life very quickly, where we quickly started talking about my childhood, my teenage years and my most important relationships. It wasn’t the Career that was holding me back, I was doing that all on my own.

Since working with Liz life has changed dramatically for the better, its still doing that every day, because I continue to invest in myself every day, I continue to be curious about myself every day, and I treat myself with kindness now and not criticism. Over the last 3 years, I have joined together all of the dots. What took me to Coaching, what lights me up, what I believe in, and thats all led me to this point.

I dont do surface level coaching, what I know to be true is that in order for this to work, you have to go deep, and you have to shine a light on the parts of yourself that you’ve previously been ignoring. After a very difficult and traumatic childhood, I had to piece myself back together, I had to collect up all of the fragments of myself that I had discarded because I was once told that they weren’t loveable, weren’t pretty, weren’t good enough.

So now, I work with women to help them learn how to love, accept and embrace ALL of who they are, including those less shiny parts, including those that you have hidden in one of a thousand ways over the year. Trust me when I say that once you have gone through this beautiful process, you will be unstoppable…thats right, I said unstoppable.

That’s because the ability to go for that job, the strength to leave that relationship, the courage to dress how you really want to and the self assurance to show up in the world as who you truly are, are all within you already. Its my job to help you to find them again, to own them, and to use them to your advantage.

What you have to start realising immediately is that life isn’t happening to you, its happening for you. You have more power through choice than you can possibly fathom. So, with that in mind, ponder this for me. Right here, right now in this moment, it is time for you to decide. Forward or backwards, onwards or retreat?

The choice is yours x

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