You are home. Phew! Come on in, sit down, and gather your thoughts. Its time for more, for better for yourself.

How are you my darling? If you’re here then I’m guessing the answer is something along the lines of “things could be a f*ck tonne better”. Or “something has been feeling off for a long time, and I care about my life enough to want to figure it out”. Well you are in the right place, and I am glad that you’ve landed here.

I created this space with you in mind. A brilliant woman that doesn’t feel so great right now, in fact, for as long as you can remember you have been carrying a weight around with you, that you just cant seem to put down no matter what you do. That weight is made up of your past experiences. The painful ones where you were let down by those that matter most to you, the ones where you decided to try and rid yourself of part of who you are in order to fit in, to be more loveable and to be accepted.

Deep down your heart knows that you can’t fully live this way, it knows that you need to embrace all of yourself and face those unhealed wounds in order to live the life you really want to. It knows that to be true, but your clever brain tries to convince you every single step of the way that “this is how it is”. Your brain is doing its best to keep you safe, but its actually preventing you from being the version of you that your heart knows is possible. Right now, its your heart that counts.

We spend so long in our heads, getting trapped in cycles of overthinking and procrastination, that weeks, months, years can go by and we still wont have done the things that we dream of most.

The minute you step in here, all of that stops. This is the first step forward, the first part of the shuffle to wherever it is you want to get to. Use this space to reflect, to ponder and to come back to whenever you need a corner of the internet to shelter in for a while.

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“If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!”

Nicola, Bristol