Looking for a Coach to help you strengthen your Connections and resolve your relationship dilemmas? Then welcome and hello!

Not sure if you are in the right place? Then this will help you decide.

  • You feel a sense of disconnection from one or more areas of your life. Things aren’t looking like you want them to, and you are struggling to understand why.
  • Currently, there’s at least one relationship in your life that feels heavy, uncomfortable and unbalanced. You care about this person and want to resolve the issue but you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You notice a pattern in your relationships where you are giving more and more of yourself and not getting the same level of investment back. You feel tired, unappreciated and fed up.
  • You struggle to articulate and voice your true feelings in your relationships, you are fearful of being judged, of being ridiculed, of being left, or of someone being angry with you, and so you stay quiet at the detriment to yourself.
  • You’re a people pleaser, it’s always them first and you last. So much so that you’ve lost sight of what it is that you truly want, and in turn you are growing resentful.
  • You want out.  A relationship, be that with a family member, spouse or friend has turned toxic and you know that you need and want to walk away, but have no idea where or how to take action.
  • You numb out with overspending, hours of mindless scrolling, overeating, drinking etc in order to avoid how it is you really feel inside
  • You’ve been caught up with a narcissist. They have permeated your life, got into your head and left you feeling like you are constantly wrong, and making mountains out of molehills.
  • Your biggest wish is to have a loving and meaningful relationship with someone, but your fear holds you back. Ghosts from your past are haunting you and stopping you from being happy.
  • You want to be able to listen to your loved ones and communicate more powerfully in order to help your relationships to flourish and to grow.
  • You think you may be caught in a cycle of co-dependent behaviour and want to understand yourself better in order to break out of those patterns for good and enjoy healthy and abundant relationships.

Sound like you? Then you are definitely in the right place. What you are considering is amazing, I want to say that right now. Its courageous and I am already applauding you. You’ve come this far, so how about you come a bit further and get in touch. There is a way through all of this I promise, I know there is because I have struggled with all of this stuff too. So, let’s talk. x

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“If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!”

Nicola, Bristol