Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m a Romantic Relationship Empowerment Coach. I help you to level up your love life.

If you are here, then you are currently in one of 3 camps.

Confused & Coupled.

You’ve been together a long time, it started out great, but things have been on a downward trajectory for a while. Long gone is the affection, the laughter, the fun & connection, and in its place are unsaid things, resentment, complacency and dissatisfaction. Its happened over time and you cant figure out why. You’ve been telling yourself this is what happens to everyone, and yet you don’t quite believe it. History feels like its repeating yourself and you see every day how much your current partner is like your ex. You value yourself enough to want to sort this out, whatever that might look like. You need help getting clear on the issues, and how to resolve them, and also to figure out how you want to move forward. You’ve been resisting this for a while, but pretending is getting too damn hard. Theres more to life than a mediocre relationship.

Heartbreak Hotel.

You thought it was all going so well, sure it wasn’t perfect but what is? You were happy, and then all of a sudden it ended. All those plans and dreams, all those promises and expectations…gone. You are reeling from finding yourself suddenly single and you are hurting. Its a shitty place to be, and you are so angry right now. Full of confusion and feelings that have nowhere to go. You don’t want to be consumed by this or to let it make you bitter, yet right now you are doing a great job of beating yourself up and making it all your fault. You need help to heal, to process and to find yourself again after all this time in a space that is safe for you to really vent about how hurt your are without any judgement. Ideally you want to turn this around into a positive that you can learn and grow from.

Eternally Single

Your friends are living vicariously through you “oh you’re so lucky to be single” they say, and you smile and laugh, but inside you feel sad, like something is missing. There are seemingly loved up couples at every turn, and after such a long time being single, you are wondering if the time is right to meet someone new. But there is fear there, fear that you’ll be hurt again, that you’ll meet the same man but he’ll be wearing a different mask. That you’ll go through all of “that” again. So you are hiding behind that fear, and wearing it like a shield. You’ve got very good at pretending, but its getting old. You want to move forward, but currently feel like you need help in making that happen in a way that feels right for you.

Whichever camp you fall into, I can help you find your own way forward. I’ve spent my fair share of time in each, and I understand how crap and frustrating it can feel.

How about we change that? Every potential client gets a free 40 minute clarity call, so why not book yours now?

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