Hey there lovely lady, welcome! I’m Rachel and I am the UK’s only Women’s Estrangement Coach. I help brilliant ladies to make sense of and peace with their experience. Shine a light on where their estrangement is showing up in the lives in order to weed it out, and ultimately help them turn their pain into their power.

Why Estrangement Coaching?

Because it was meant to be. You can read more of my story on my ‘About’ page, but I’ve been destined for this work my entire life, I genuinely believe that.

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not as alone as you feel. You are part of a pretty big club. In the UK alone, approximately 7.5% of the population are estranged from family members, thats about 550,000 people, and if we apply that trend globally, then we are looking at around half a billion people.

Yet, nobody is talking about it are they? How many times have you scooted around the subject because you either don’t know what to say, or because you just don’t have the energy for the three standard responses?…

  • The head tilt which means anything from I pity you to I’m suspicious of you.
  • The subject changers…who all of a sudden become very interested in light fittings or your jumper.
  • The ‘I know best’ brigade…who say things like “they are still your parents” – super helpful right?

Being Estranged isn’t unusual, the figures prove that, but its still a silent epidemic, its still isolating, bewildering, a rock you to your core head fuck. Thats where I come in.

I’m here to help you. Help you untangle the knots in your head and your heart, help you feel a whole less shit about your situation, and help you find that inner resolve so that your future isn’t weighed down like your past has been.

Stick around, and know that I am always in your corner.

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“If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!”

Nicola, Bristol