Well hello there. Lets start with something fun shall we? Whats your resignation fantasy? I know that you have one. That glorious daydream about leaving your corporate career behind. I used to indulge in that one a lot. Most of the time on my hideous commute, but sometimes at my desk too. Just to try and drown out the noise of the exec team banter, the constant whirring of the printer, and of phones that never stopped ringing. Yet I would always end up back in the room, and not storming out leaving a trail of paperwork behind me, and telling Margaret in HR exactly what I thought of her. Instead the view remained unchanged, I was still at my desk, still staring at that screen, still stuck and invisible.

You see, nothing changes if nothing changes. I know you will have heard that before, but are you really listening to it? That fantasy is part of your brains clever plan to keep you stuck. Yes, really. If it gives you that briefest of escapes, if it lets you have that feeling for just a moment, it will satisfy you for another day and you will stay put.

Right now, I dont know where you are in your journey to change (it makes me squirm using the J word). For most people, it takes a year of them feeling miserable at work before they will even consider acting, and even then their very unhelpful subconscious will offer up an abundance of reasons why they shouldn’t do it.

I’m here for the women that are done, I mean really done. The women who might not know where they want to go, but they know they want to get going. The women who had had enough of playing small, hiding away, and finally want to step into their own bloody awesomeness. The women that dont want to waste anymore of their lives doing something that doesn’t light them up. You have power beyond measure, you have gifts and talents to share with the world, and you absolutely can do it. The reasons you’re not at the moment are because you are living by stories that are untrue, limiting beliefs that hold you back, and a mindset that wants you to stay where you are. None of that is your fault, none of it. But, how you choose to act now in this moment is your responsibility. All of those blocks can be cleared, all of those challenges can be overcome. You simply have to be willing to trust me, and to try.

I know that you are in a world of frustration. I know that some of the time you feel hopeless and that it all went wrong somewhere. It doesn’t have to stay like that. Trust me, there is nothing you can’t do. You are quite literally limitless, and this work will prove that to you.

I’m excited that you are here, that you have reached this point. Do not turn back, step up, step forward and lets do this. Time to make that resignation fantasy a reality.

I’m excited too!

“If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!”

Nicola, Bristol