When did you last look forward to a Monday? Bank holidays dont count by the way. Does your current career leave you feeling cold? Are you a caged corporate that wants out finally? Do you need to break up with your office? Well welcome home lovely lady.

I have some more questions for you…

How many times have you entered into Google “which career should I go for” or “how to be happy at work”, only to be left feeling even more confused and disappointed because the clarity you’re seeking doesn’t appear before your eyes?

How much time in any given day do you reckon you spend frowning at the frustration of it all? Genuine question! I spent so many years frowning and have the lines to prove it. Don’t keep doing that to your face, I beg you.

How many times have you numbed your mind by staring for hours at the fakery of social media, or gone out and spent a load of money on stuff you don’t really want, because its just easier than thinking about what’s in your head?

Are you done with that approach to dealing with life? Are you ready to deal for real? Oooh I love things that rhyme! Then you are in the right place. I’m so glad you found me. We can get this sorted I promise. If you’ve finally recognised that something needs to change, then lets do this.

I know that you will probably be feeling anxious or scared right now, which is perfectly normal. I tried to blame not being able to use Skype as a reason not to get coaching! But your brain is just trying to protect you from change. Thats right, even though you are miserable your brain will try and keep you where you are because its familiar. Its a bit of a bugger like that. You are trying to break out of a pattern and it doesn’t like it. Keep that in your mind as you go through this process. You’ve totally got this.

I hope that whatever you want to know about coaching, you can find it on these pages. If not, then please get in touch with your questions. I would love to hear from you.

You’re about to start something truly amazing, and I am so excited for you my friend.

I’m excited too!

“If you’ve been thinking about getting a life coach, think no more and give Rachel a go!”

Nicola, Bristol