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My clients are hidden gems. I describe them that way, because when they arrive at the start of their time with me, they have lost a bit of their sparkle. Their true brilliance isn’t showing, its tucked away safely where nobody can see it, or judge it. They are amazing women that can’t yet quite comprehend how amazing they actually are. They are playing it safe, towing the line, and keeping quiet. They are also sick of it. Are you?

These women have been through some tough times, many of them didn’t have the loving, supportive encouragement that all children have a basic human right too. That’s usually because for one reason or another, their own parents weren’t able to be who they needed them to be. It could have been that one was absent, or their was an early divorce. Or despite having the traditional 2 parent home, they still received less than they deserved in terms of encouragement, nurturing and acknowledgement.  They’ve been told that “good girls dont behave like that”, “nobody likes a show off” or “if you want to do well in life then you cant be who you are”. They are women who are of the generation where parents could still be very much ‘children should be seen and not heard’ and so they never found their true voice.

Yet despite all of this, they realise that the time has come to act. Something has to change. They’ve tried countless other distraction techniques, but now there are none left. They are DONE with the way things are. Fed up of the inertia, the blandness of life. They feel like they are living as reduced versions of themselves, and are their inner monologue is constantly asking “is this it?”

They’ve been mulling this over for a while, a hundred and one ideas and thoughts spinning around in their heads and they are exhausted, both by their current situation and their inability to decide how to move forward. They’ve decided to bet on themselves for a change, to see just what it is they can do.

They are ready, so, so ready to invest in themselves and in their futures. They want to show up fully in their personal lives, in their work, and simply in who they are. They are ready to really get to know themselves, to start a life long love affair with who they are, and to create a life that lights them up. ,

Are you ready?