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My clients are brilliant, intelligent working women in their 30’s and 40’s like you, who want to step into the next chapter of their working lives feeling focused and ready to flourish.

Life for you currently looks something like this……..

You’ve been working for a good few years now, and you’ve been working hard. You’ve been fighting to climb that ladder, most likely in some kind of support function in a male dominated environment, but its not been feeling good for a while. You are feeling overwhelmed and close to jumping on the train to Burn Out City. You’re sleeping badly, and frequently wake up feeling like you’ve been tossing and turning all night. Your mental load is huge, and you are struggling under the weight of it all. But, you don’t feel like you can voice that to those around you because they think that you are ‘nailing it’ and can’t see how on earth you could be unhappy.

You’re starting to feel resentful, and so your unhappiness at work is starting to seep out and leave its mark on other areas of your life. Even the fun stuff doesn’t feel as fun anymore, and your friends and family are noticing the dullness in your eyes. You don’t recognise the person in the mirror and sometimes don’t like who you see staring back at you. You’re wondering when its going to start to “come easily”, and if it will always feel like such a hustle. You long to do something else, but your brain is screaming at you not to because you’ve left it too late. Your mood is erratic, and you’re feeling a huge burden on your tired shoulders to be all things to all people. You’re officially done.

However, inside you know that……

There is something else that you know you want to be doing, its just a bit blurry right now. You want a more fulfilling career, more balance, more money. You want to walk tall, to feel strong and self assured. You would love to wake up in the morning feeling well rested, with a clear head for the day that lays before you. To look in the mirror and smile at the woman staring back at you. To go for the things that you want and not be sorry for it. To travel, to learn, to grow and to make memories that matter. To be seen and heard for all the right reasons, and to go about your life not fretting about what everyone else thinks of you. You want to make an impact in your own way.

You want to give yourself permission to be at the top of the list for once,  in order to be the wife, Mum, friend, boss, colleague that you need and want to be. You want your energy and vibrancy back. You want a future that you’ve chosen for yourself. You also realise that in order for a lasting change to take place, you need to do something different. So you know that you are ready to make a real investment in yourself in order to get where you want to get to. Above all else one thing is clear to you. With the right support, and the time and space to explore, that you can absolutely get there.

Are you ready?