Mental Load

Life in leafy West Sussex is good. But, its also pretty busy. Take this for an example. I was meant to be getting my son's bottle ready before he went to bed. But, on the way to the kitchen, I stopped to pick up and move a pair of shoes, I wiped the sides down, and noticed the washing machine needed emptying and reloading. Twenty minutes later, I had still not done the bottle. Sound familiar? Thats mental load, and its really having a big old negative impact on us. What did you see in your home growing up? In mine, my Mum did everything, and I don't remember her complaining about it. I do remember her being knackered and grumpy a lot of the time. I wonder now what would have happened if she had opened her mouth and [...]

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The Boy and The Pony

Last weekend, we went to stay with friends just outside of Manchester. It was one of those life-affirming, bloody joyful weekends where you really count your blessings. On the Saturday we went for a walk. Eight adults and six children of varying ages. We stopped for a drink at a pub that had a disused railway running alongside it. We sat there and had our drinks while the children were playing. A short while later a group of horse riders came past us. The lady at the front of the ride said that they were stopping for a drink, and if any of the children wanted to come and say hello, then that was not a problem. Now, I love horses, and even since before I was pregnant, I had a vision in my head of me and my kids [...]

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That Friday Feeling

I have to admit that I don't really get that Friday feeling anymore. Well not the one that I had for almost 20 years. How many of you can relate to desperately clawing your way towards the weekend? The clock practically going backwards and mocking you with each tick as you count down to getting your freedom back for 48 hours. Its been yet another complete ball ache of a week since 9:05am on Monday. Then finally plodding out of the office because the skipping you would love to do would require energy that you simply don't have. I don't miss that feeling at all. I thought it would forever be a part of my life, and then of course the feeling of dread about Monday would kick in about 3pm on Saturday. Two years ago I would have completely [...]

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The Power of Your Mind

I almost didn't write this post, I know that its about an emotive subject. The birth of a child. Something that millions of women will know about, and have their own experience of. But this post isn't about the right or wrong way to deliver a baby. I don't actually believe there is a right of a wrong way. We just want them here safely right? What this is really about is the power of your mind. How many times have you doubted that you could do something? Thats actually a silly question because there is no way that you could count them. Our uncertainty runs through us like a crack at times. Our brains want to live by familiar patterns, and so anything new is seen as danger. I know this feeling, in a previous life I was filled [...]

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Setting Your Intention

Happy Summer Solstice everyone. The longest day of the year is here already. Where did the first half of the year go? This is a great time to take stock of everything. What was your intention for this year? What goals did you have and how are they going? Its so easy at New Years to get swept up with the perceived spangly newness of it all. Christmas is a time when we can usually find a bit of downtime and get some headspace. Time to think about the coming twelve months and what we want from it. But there's always a lot of pressure attached to that. We have a tendency to trot out the same list of resolutions every time, and don't notice that we are repeating the pattern. So on this day I invite you to review [...]

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The Sorry Reflex

How many times a day do you say that you're sorry? Have you ever counted? If not, then I invite you to try it for a day, or half a day, even a couple of hours. The word sorry is becoming like a reflex, it comes flying out of our mouths as naturally as our eyes blink. Its automatic, and its infuriating. What are you sorry for? Why are you forever apologising? Have you ever stopped to wonder? A couple of weeks ago we had a family day out at a National Trust property. my mother in law was holding my son, and she got distracted by something she wanted to buy. As she pointed to it, she caught his face with her nail. He cried (well made a noise) for approximately 4 seconds. No harm done. She spent the next [...]

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Careers Advice

My schools career advice wasn't brilliant. Okay, so this was a long time ago. The early 90's to be precise. I remember feeling so ridiculously excited about it. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. There was a real sense of anticipation in the room. Would anyone's career path mean a stint as a backing dancer for "Take That"? We could only hope so. Its funny how a few minutes in one room can change a persons mood so dramatically. I was searching for answers, for meaning. I wanted to be told what to do, because I had no clue myself of which way to head into my future. The Careers advice lady seemed to have a distinct lack of interest in young people and our careers, which seemed to fly in the face of why we were [...]

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Our House Needs Work

Our house needs work. From the outside its pleasant to look at. It’s a little cottage and has an element of kerb appeal to it. People tell us frequently that “its lovely”. But look closely and the windows are dirty and the front door looks tired. Inside this pattern continues, I love our front room, the room that most people see. It’s definitely the room that we have put the most effort into. It feels grown up and cared for. The dining room and kitchen are okay too, the colour flows through both rooms and its bright and welcoming. At the back of the house is the bathroom, this room isn’t so good. In fact, I don’t like it at all. At least I know that when people visit, they will spend very little time in there. Upstairs, we have [...]

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What You Can’t See

I saw a sign on my way into town this morning that said "Its What You Cant See, That Matters Most". As a coach, the biggest hurdle I face is getting people to see their own worth, to see that they are worth investing in. I see coaching as a healing profession, and there are a lot of them out there. Recently, I have been talking to owners of other businesses that deal in healing, and they all say the same thing. “Everyone says the work that I do is so important, but I struggle to get clients. ”Why is this? Well I guess there is no definitive answer, but my best assessment is that people find it hard to believe in what they can’t see or feel. In a previous life, I would have headed out to the shops [...]

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Opportunity Knocks

Last week I had unexpected opportunity present itself. I received an email from a lady who wanted me to contribute to an article she was writing for an online magazine. My lovely coach and friend Liz, had sent her my way. The article was about returning to work after long term sickness, and other contributors included HR professionals, and people from the HSE. The journalist also wanted the perspective of a Life Coach….this Life Coach to be precise, because my writing and I were recommended to her. The input from me was needed that night, and it was already early evening. I felt tired and stressed from a long day, and so as much as this was a great chance to get my name out there. I immediately started telling myself that I couldn’t do it. It never ceases to [...]

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